As the leading certification and membership body for NDT in Australia, the Australian Institute for Non-Destructive Testing (AINDT) are here to provide information and assistance to anyone who works or is involved with the NDT industry. AINDT’s mission is to be the voice of the industry and to provide a high-level benefit to its Members.

The day to day operations of the Institute are driven by the strategic objectives listed

  • Promote the discipline of NDT as a profession
  • Advance the practices and benefits of NDT at both a national and international level
  • Facilitate the exchange of information between members, industry and the community
  • Operate a national certifying body in the qualification and certification of NDT personnel Facilitate and promote non-destructive testing research and development and the application of NDT technology


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How can AINDT help you ... Why be a member?

AINDT offer a range of member Benefit and services to the industry, available to individuals, companies or government bodies who wish to be informed or have an interes in Non-Destructive Testing, Condition Mon Diagnostic, Engineering, or materials and quality testing in general.

Membership is also an excellent way to play an active role in the Institute NDT and CM industries in Australasia.

Some of the member benefits include:

  • Regular editions of the AINDT Journal (6 per year)
  • Discounted certification and renewal fees
  • Free and discounted advertising on the AINDT website
  • On and off-site technical advice
  • Membership discounts for Corporate and Sustaining member employees
  • Exclusive Corporate benefits
  • Invitations to a range of professional and social industry events