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AINDT Media Kit 2022

The Australian Institute for Non-destructive Testing is the peak industry body for services in relation to the science and practice of non-destructive testing and condition monitoring. AINDT has come a long way since it was first founded in 1963 by a committed group of individuals who received support and backing from several prominent  organisations. Today it stands as one of the leading technical societies in Australia with over 1000 members.

We pride ourselves on offering our members the latest information on what is happening in the world of NDT and CM both here and overseas. Our goal is to promote the discipline of NDT and CM as a profession and support our members with current news via our website, e-newsletter and the journal; “Industrial Eye”. As a result, our mediums are an invaluable tool for members wanting to keep up to date with industry standards, certification criteria, employment opportunities, and associated national and international events.

AINDT is able to offer your business the opportunity to directly engage our members and promote your company’s products and services to a targeted and relevant audience.

Advertising in the AINDT Journal:

Industrial Eye

Published 6 times per year, the AINDT Journal is dedicated to the Australian and New Zealand market. In addition to being sent directly to members and subscribers, it is also posted on the AINDT web site increasing our advertisers access to prospective customers. The AINDT’s affiliation with other groups such as condition monitoring, aerospace and plant management, as well as materials science yet further extends the Journal’s reach and distribution


The diversity of industries where NDT and CM is a valued component includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Fabrication and construction
  • Petro-chemical
  • Heavy engineering
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Research laboratories
  • Educational institutions
  • Asset management
  • Condition monitoring

Readers can be broken up into four main categories:

  • Practitioners who perform inspections tests on a wide variety of structures are approximately 50 percent of membership
  • The people who are responsible for designing,supervising and examining the tests performed by practitioners
  • Scientists who investigate the limitations of current techniques and develop new and improved techniques
  • Manufacturing executives in economic fact finding at each level of management

Hardcopy distribution

1,300 - 1,600 Australia & New Zealand

Hardcopy circulation

3,500 +

Electronic Distribution

Four weeks after the hardcopy journal has been distributed,the journal will be distributed electronically to the following

  • Organisations, NDT Societies and Institutes:
  • American Society for Non-Destructive Testing
  • British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing
  • Chinese Society for Non-Destructive Testing
  • European Federation for Non-Destructive Testing
  • German Society for Non-Destructive Testing
  • Indian Society for Non Destructive Testing
  • International Committee for Non Destructive Testing
  • Japanese Society for Non-Destructive Inspection
  • Korean Society for Non Destructive Testing
  • Malaysian Society for Non Destructive Testing
  • New Zealand Non-Destructive Testing Association
  • Non-Destructive Testing Society of Singapore
  • Russian Society for NDT and Diagnostics
  • Singaporean Society for Non Destructive Testing
  • The International Council for Machinery Lubrication
  • APFNDT – Asia Pacific Federation
  • AFNDT – African Federation
  • EFNDT – European Federation
  • PACNDT – Pan American Committee
    (North and South America)

Electronic Distribution


Advertising on the AINDT website

Advertising on the AINDT website is an affordable, fast and effective way of promoting your company to a TARGETED audience. The AINDT website attracts visitors from a range of backgrounds including research, product suppliers, services and end users. Visitors are seeking information about NDT in the areas of expertise, certification, events, business listings and more.

The AINDT website boasts:

  • Over 3000 visits to the website per month (1000 unique)
  • Average of 30 direct hits to each advertisement in the Technical Experts Directory per month
  • Up to 2200 click-throughs to your company website (based on priority banner advertising over a 12-month period) 


Website advertising options

Business Directory (12 month listing)

The business directory listing offers an opportunity for companies involved or engaged in the Non-destructive Testing (NDT) and Condition Monitoring (CM) industries in Australia to promote their business. This directory is  available for any person to access via our website and is a go-to for those looking for contacts within the NDT or CM industry.

Please note this directory is complimentary forAINDT Company, Corporate and Sustaining members(limited to 1 per Company, 3 per Corporate and5 per Sustaining members)

Banner Advertisement

Banner advertising is located on the right of all pages on the website, receiving maximum exposure, (excluding ‘Adverts’, ‘Events’ and pages where there is a premium sponsor agreement in place e.g. conferences. We reserve the right to add or remove pages on the AINDT website without notice, including pages that may or may not display banner advertising). This advertising is amongst the highest views and click-throughs of any advertising on the AINDT website, connecting your company with thousands of people visiting the website each month.

Job Advertisement (1 month)

As a source of information for technicians, the AINDTwebsite receives frequent traffic from certified NDTand CM personnel. This creates an ideal environment to advertise employment opportunities to your target audience.

Please note this is complimentary for AINDT Company, Corporate and Sustaining members (limited to 1 x one-month advertisement per financial year.)

Advertising in the AINDT e-newsletter: AINDT News

Published 12 times per year, the AINDT e-newsletter provides broad reach at a low cost. AINDT News delivers the latest  Institute news and  information to subscribers worldwide.  Issues contain Federal Office news and events, certification  news and information, member profiles, state branch news  and events, job postings and other timely industry updates.
Readership Members, certificate-holders and industry-affiliated  subscribers make up the readers of AINDT News. The  diversity of industries where NDT and CM is a valued  component includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Fabrication and construction
  • Petro-chemical
  • Heavy engineering
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Research laboratories
  • Educational institutions
  • Asset management
  • Condition monitoring

800 + Australia, USA, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Japan
1000 +