How do I get more involved with the AINDT?

AINDT members are eligible for election to their nominated Branch and Federal Council, Federal Executive and other Office Bearer positions.

Taking on an active role in the Institute assists in the ability to provide a quality certification scheme and service to members, as an essential part of the promotion and betterment of NDT in Australia.

On a personal level, involvement with the Institute provides the opportunity to develop skills in the areas of leadership and communication..

As a member of AINDT, what are my voting rights?

During the Annual General Meeting (held once every calendar year), every entitled member shall have one vote. To be entitled, a member’s subscription must be no more than four months in arrears. Student members are not entitled to voting powers.

Each Branch will also conduct activities, such as the election of Branch Councillors and Federal Council representatives, which will also entitle members of that branch to vote on those matters.

Federal Council meetings, attended by elected Branch Councillors, determine by vote the positions of the Federal Executive. Normal members must be elected to the position of Branch Councillor and furthermore the position of Federal Councillor in order to be granted the ability to vote at these meetings.

How do I join my local branch of AINDT?

Select which State Branch you would like to join when filling out your application form; this can be changed at any time by contacting the Federal Office.

Contact details for your chosen State Branch will be sent to you along with your new membership pack.

How do I update my details?

Please contact the Federal Office:
[email protected]
+61 3 9328 8831
Smartphone Web App

Do I have to pay the full fee if I join midway through the membership period?

AINDT Membership fees become renewable on the 1st July each year. If you join during January, February or March you will receive a 50% discount on the next financial year’s membership.

If you join in April, May or June, these months will be included in the next financial year’s membership – that’s up to 15 months for the price of 12.

Do members qualify for discounted certification rates?

Yes, however membership must be held continuously since issue of certification for the discount ‘member rate’ to apply.

Do members qualify for discounted certification rates?

Yes, however membership must be held continuously since issue of certification for the discount ‘member rate’ to apply.

After I’ve joined how long before I start receiving benefits?

After your application has been approved, the Federal Office will send out your new membership pack and you will be able to access benefits immediately (terms & conditions apply to certification discounts).

For a full list of benefits please see the following categories:

Industry Connection - Student, Retired & Individual Membership
Business Development – Company Membership
Reputation Building - Corporate Membership
Leadership & Influence - Sustaining Membership

How do I apply for AINDT membership?

Apply online via our website or call the Federal Office on +61 3 9328 8831 and we will help process your application over the phone.

How do I know which membership type is best for me?

Industry Connection - You want to be connected and access great savings

Student, Retired & Individual Membership:

  • 6 issues of NDT Australia journal
  • Discounts on certification and renewals
  • Networking opportunities at branch social events
  • Professional development at seminars, technical meetings and workshops
  • Access to the AINDT smart phone application
  • Discounted technical books and theoretical material

Business Development - Small companies who want access to business development opportunities

Company Membership:

  • Complete individual benefits for 1 nominated representative
  • Free advertising in the Technical Experts Directory
  • Free job posting on the AINDT website*
  • Discounts on all website advertising
  • Personal assistance in maximizing your membership benefits

Reputation Building - Companies that want greater industry exposure and heightened support from their membership

Corporate Membership:

  • Individual and Company benefits for up to 3 nominated representatives
  • Off-site direct technical support*
  • Staff certification control and expiration / renewal notifications*
  • Discounts on all website advertising including free advertising in the Technical Experts Directory (per applicable State)
  • On-site technical consultation and support on a cost-rate basis

Leadership & Influence - Respected multi-state and multi-national companies wanting greater control, support and benefits for their brand

Sustaining Membership

  • Individual and Company benefits for up to 5 nominated representatives
  • On-site technical consultation and support*
  • Off-site direct technical support
  • Advertising in the Technical Experts Directory (per applicable State)
  • Complimentary copy of the Federal Council meeting minutes sent to the nominated representatives
  • Exclusive discounts on Individual membership prices for company employees*
  • Pre-advice on new standards*
Who can join?

Membership is available to individuals, companies and government bodies, who are engaged in, wish to keep informed of or have an interest in non-destructive testing, condition monitoring, diagnostic engineering, or materials and quality testing in general. Membership is also an excellent way to play an active role in the Institute and NDT and CM industries in Australasia.

Some of the member benefits include:

  • Regular editions of the AINDT Journal (6 per year)
  • Discounted certification and renewal fees
  • Free and discounted advertising on the AINDT website
  • On and off-site technical advice
  • Membership discounts for Corporate & Sustaining
  • member employees
  • Exclusive Corporate benefits
Why is membership with AINDT important?

Start Networking

The AINDT is a professional Institute, which represents NDT and CM Practitioners across all disciplines. State Branches, along with the Federal Office, provides members with the opportunity to network and communicate with industry, government and the community. AINDT was founded by
NDT Practitioners and continues to be directed by people with extensive industry experience.

Build Your Career

Being a NDT or CM practitioners is more than working day-to-day in your field, it’s being connected to the NDT or CM community and being part of the reputation and national growth of the industry.
Becoming a member of AINDT is about continuous professional development, professional practice and professional ethics.

Be Recognised

Being a member of your professional institute tells people that you are serious about your industry. It indicates your status as a business professional with valuable industry skills.

Stay Active

Through the AINDT, practitioners work for an industry-wide benefit; Participating in events, conferences, seminars and technical training workshops strengthens the industry and sends a strong message to the community about the professionalism and importance of non-destructive testing and condition monitoring in Australasia.