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01 - Guide to CM Qualification & Certification and Appendices


Based on   June 2016, Issue 2, Rev 4

The qualification and certification of Condition Monitoring Personnel is carried out in accordance with international standards ISO18436/1, ISO18436/2, ISO18436/3, ISO18436/4 and ISO18436/7 and latest editions thereof. 

Certification to the above standards is conducted by the Condition Monitoring Certification Board (CMCB) of the Australian Institute for Non-Destructive Testing (AINDT). AINDT acts as the National Certifying Body and is the legal entity under which both the NDT and CM schemes operate.

The purpose of this Guide is to provide information for CM practitioners, service providers and users of condition monitoring regarding the requirements, procedures and arrangements that apply to the ISO18436 CM Qualification and Certification Scheme.

In some instances the CM Qualification and Certification Scheme may require additional requirements to that of ISO18436 for qualification and certification of CM personnel.

NOTE: All references to standards in this document relate to the latest edition of the standard which states the minimum requirements for certification.

Guide to CM Qualification & Certification

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Appendix A VA

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Appendix B IRT

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Appendix C LA

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